Geese are Jerks in New Untitled Goose Game Trailer

Imagine that it’s a nice day and you’re out at the park. Maybe you’re having a nice lunch on the grass. Cute ducks are quacking, the sun is shining, and out of nowhere a good-for-nothing goose steals your personal effects. It’s not enough to steal them, however, as this goose decides to make a run of the place and harass everyone in the vicinity. It might even relentlessly chase a six-year old version of a certain News Writer and bite her. Geese are horrible and now the latest title from House House let’s us play as one. Untitled Goose Game blends sand-box elements with good old-fashioned slapstick comedy in this puzzling, chaotic stealth game.

A new trailer for the game reveals just how far we can push humans’ buttons as we rob, honk and chase these unsuspecting suckers. Untitled Goose Game will be scuttling its way to the Nintendo Switch and PC early 2019.