General Grievous Advances Into Star Wars Battlefront II

General Grievous, the deadly Supreme Commander of the Separatist Alliance’s armed forces, will be joining the Star Wars: Battlefront II villain roster at the end of October. According to the game’s official blog, the good general will initially be available in two different appearances and will come equipped with his personal style of lightsaber conflict.

As a self-proclaimed “Jedi hunter” Grievous has had many opportunities to perfect his craft. He uses his imposing frame as a means to intimidate his opponents, and he casually fights and deflects using two lightsabers. It’s only when the cyborg needs a little more power that he pulls out his additional sabers. His Thrust Surge abilities utilizes all four sabers in an incredibly powerful stab that has the additional benefit of throwing his target to the ground. On the more defensive end of the ability spectrum, there’s Unrelenting Advance. Using this, Grievous rapidly spins his lightsabers in front of himself to form an impenetrable wall of light. Finally, general can make use of his droid limbs to utilize Claw Rush, dropping to the ground and rushing forward to push his enemies out of the way and escape. Of all the heroes and villains currently available to play, Grievous might just be the most versatile.

General Grievous will be coming to the game via the General Grievous update on October 30 for all platforms. The update is free, but Grievous won’t be immediately unlocked. Players who want him will have to earn enough credits in-game to purchase the lightsaber-trained cyborg. His additional appearance will also have to be purchased with credits.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.