Generation Zero Shows Off Its First Gameplay Trailer

Debuting right before E3, Generation Zero was the first self-published IP from Avalanche Studios, and it came across as impressive. The subtle ’80s vibe blended in quite nicely with all the robot-killing action in the teaser. However, it stands to reason that a lot of players would love to see the game in full action. Well, the devs heard those requests, and lo and behold, now we have a full three-and-a-half gameplay trailer here, outlining various features.

The clip below sets the stage for Generation Zero: Sweden, November 1989. You and your friends arrive home from a trip to discover that hostile robots have invaded the rural area. Naturally, it’s time to make scrap metal of them. Players will have to use various tactics to damage the machines, which you may encounter much later with the visible damage you dealt. Destroy them, and you can salvage parts for your own weapons, perfect for scrounging around areas with potential story bits. And all of this while dealing with advanced enemy sensors and dynamic weather conditions, among other things.

It all looks like a potential blast, making for one co-op FPS not to miss out on. Generation Zero will hit Xbox One, PC, and PS4 in 2019, and will be prominently showcased at Gamescom next week. Can’t make it? Then the Closed Beta begins this fall, so sign up at the official site if you want in on some slightly radical robot wrecking.