Get hype for Today’s Semifinal Match with this Teaser

Yesterday, we saw easily the best match of the tournament and a great one in Worlds history. The two teams everyone hoped would meet up in the finals again dueled it out in a  five game series and SKT came out on top.

Today, we don’t have team of nearly the same pedigree, but they’re bot good teams. Samsung is the third place team out of LCK and beat KT Rolster to secure a spot to Worlds. Since they’ve been here they’ve only dropped on game and have looked great so far. H2K on the other hand was part of the lackluster European LCS group that made it, but have played impressively when it’s mattered most. They destroyed Albus Nox Luna who gave everyone a rough time in the group stages and should give Samsung a run for their money.

The game kicks off at 5 p.m. and here’s your teaser for the second semifinal of Worlds 2016.