Get In The Car, Loser! Now Available for Free on Steam and

Christine Love isn’t just a great follow on Twitter – she’s also been working on an RPG for a long time now and it’s finally out. Get in the Car, Loser! is a road trip RPG with an LGBT POV to it starring Sam, Grace, Valentin, and Angela, as they aim to take out Machine Devil cultist edgelords. They’re out to save the world and keep it safe for the next thousand years. The game’s pixel art style looks fantastic and it’s very bright and colorful.

Beyond that, it’s also completely free to just play the main game on both Itch or Steam. However, players can also pick up the Battle on the Big Boardwalk extra story DLC for $9.99 normally or $8.99 on sale. This lets you enjoy a new chapter in the tale and get some playable beachwear for the main story alongside it. If you’re looking for a new RPG to try out, this looks a great one.