Get Ready to Move Like Your Joints Don’t Hate You in Audio Trip Trailer

Flexibility is an amazing thing in humans.  Cats, ferrets, and other small furry critters twist themselves into fluffy knots as if their bones are little more than a suggestion of structure, but human-sized people tend to be a bit more rigid.  One of the best ways to fix this problem is by dance, because not only is it always fun to play with music but the enthusiasm of a good beat makes it hard not to push the limits of motion.  Audio Trip is a VR dancing game coming out this fall, sticking players on a course that sees targets and barriers fly towards them synched to the beat.  The dodge, swing, and strike moves are designed with a specific flow in mind, so that when a player pulls everything off successfully they’ve done more than just punched or sliced the notes and instead actually danced to the rhythm.  Admitted, in the trailer below the footwork is all improvised, but with any luck it will follow along with the body and hand movements.  It’s not like anyone has figured out toe-tracking yet, after all.

Audio Trip is hitting Steam Early Access this fall, probably sooner rather than later.  It comes with a fully licensed soundtrack featuring songs from Lady Gaga, Skillrex, and more, and in addition to the tracks designed by a dance choreographer there will be an editor so you can create your own moves for the included music.  Take a look at the trailer below and get ready to limber up, because the beat shows no mercy to creaky joints.




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