Get Your 16-Bit On With Brock Crocodile

Come for the 16-bit fedora, stay for the mascot-inspired platforming of golden age gaming.

Brock Crocodile, in name and essence, has the all the makings of a classic (à la Earthworm Jim, Aladdin, Sonic the Hedgehog). Borrowing from a plethora of pre-3D beauts, the game follows a Gex-ish red crocodile as he hunts down several missing criminals. After all, Brock is an archaeologist, and like many video game explorers before him (Lara Croft, for instance), he’s sure to find that treasure comes at a price far greater than a trowel and handbroom can afford.

Brock Crocodile features “20 frantic stages” comprised of “multipathed levels that require multiple playthroughs.” Every new level boasts a “gimmick” and unique enemy type (as to extinguish any semblance of staleness you might find in similar indies). There are friends to chat with in town mode, gear to purchase with stage-collected gems, various interesting bosses to tackle and one hell of a childhood to relive.

While there’s no solid release date, you can follow the game’s development on its official website, and check back here for updates as they’re made available.