GigaBash Brings Kaiju Brawling to PC, PlayStation Today

Who doesn’t love a good kaiju battle? From the earliest days of Godzilla, to more modern fare featuring things like MMA pioneer Minoru Suzuki locking a kaiju monster in a rear naked choke, the genre has seen many different franchises and eras over the last half-century. Youtubers like Brandon Tenold have kept the genre discourse going with humorous reviews, and over the past 30 years, we have seen many games take on the iconic genre.

GigaBash features four-play combat with local and online play, while Mayhem Mode brings mini-games to enjoy for local couch play with onlne possible via remote play. Those craving a single-player experience can enjoy campaigns with four characters and the ability to collect a lot of pieces of the lore behind GigaBash. The game is a bit cheaper on PC than PlayStation – costing $34.99 on Steam and Epic Games Store versus $49.99 on PlayStation.