Gigabyte Introduces New SSD That Resembles a Video Card

Gigabyte has announced a new SSD that under the Aorus that will take advantage of the newer PCI Express 4.0 technology that will be affordable and will not require a motherboard upgrade. The Aorus RAID SSD 2TB comes with an embedded RAID controller with 4X PCI Express 4.0 512 GB NVMe SSD and can expect Gen 4 performance with Read/Write (R/W) performance of up to 6300/5900 MBs. The RAID array can be configured for Ultra-High Performance or data redundancy, and as an OS drive or SSD storage drive. The drive includes Gigabytes dedicated AORUS Storage Manager and SSD Tool Box, which allows users to configure a RAID array with a single click and monitor both SSD temperatures and fan speeds to keep their SSDs cool and performing at a high level. No official pricing or release dates have been provided.