Giveaway Brings Alwa’s Awakening to Players in GOG Spring Sale

Alwa’s Awakening is a fantastic 2D side-scrolling adventure and GOG is giving it away as part of their springtime sale. It’s yet another game on giveaway from them and one of the best games to get period if you’re a fan of early 16-bit action-platformers. Alwa’s Awakening takes a lot from the Legend of Zelda II, but has a lot more polish and a world that players can easily navigate alongside fun combat and a great soundtrack.

It’s been followed up on by Alwa’s Legacy, and that is available as part of the spring sale for $5.39 too. That adds a bit more polish to the experience and a jump-up in graphics, but for a little over $5, you can get the entire series in a DRM-free format. If you’re in the mood for an action-platformer with a lot of exploration, then either Alwa’s game is well-worth your time and being able to get the first game for free allows you to see if you’ll enjoy the sequel too.

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