God of War has Best Debut of any Exclusive in PlayStation History

God of War has broken a new PlayStation record that’s been in place for over a decade.

Many exclusives have launched on PlayStation platforms during the brand’s 23 years of existence. The best debut for any PlayStation exclusive ever was held by 2004s Grand Theft Auto: San Andres for well over a decade. Many exclusives have come out since then and none were able to trounce San Andreas’ record. However, the unthinkable has finally happened.

According to the NPD Group, God of War has shattered San Andreas’ record to nab the title of best debut for a PlayStation exclusive. Despite being available for only ten days in April, Kratos’ return was able to sell millions of copies. In fact, during its first three days of availability, God of War managed to sell three million copies.

God of War is the seventh main entry in the God of War franchises and uproots Kratos to the land of Norse mythology. With the aide of his young son, Kratos embarks on a quest to fulfill his deceased wife’s final wishes. An excellent game with deep combat and a heat-felt story, God of War is a game that all PS4 players should experience.

God of War is available now on PS4.

Thanks, VentureBeat!