God of War to Receive PS5 Enhancements in Next Patch

Santa Monica Studios today announced a new patch for God of War that brings PS5 enhancements to the game.

It’s nice that nearly all PS4 games are backwards compatible on PS5. The functionality allows players to hop in and play older games in the PS4’s library. However, the PS5 system doesn’t automatically enhance them. While several games with performance issues on PS4 (ex: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Bloodborne) are certainly a lot smoother to play, the PS5 doesn’t unlock their full potential. One of those titles is God of War, whose unlocked frame rate mode now locks to 60fps on PS5, but remains capped at 1080p. Well, God of War developed Santa Monica Studios have heard player’s calls, and they’re answering them.

A new patch for God of War goes live tomorrow, February 2, that replaces the current video graphics option that offers the best of performance and resolution. The new mode now defaults to a checkerboard 4K resolution running at 60fps. Of course, you will need a PS5 to enjoy this boost to resolution and performance.

God of War is available now for purchase, or free as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection. An Untitled Sequel to God of War launches later this year.

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