Godlike Burger to Serve Up Exotic Cuisine on April 21

Restaurant management/cooking sims can be a a bit tricky at times, what having to keep things running, make sure the food is served up in time, preparing for a diverse menu, et cetera. So it would certainly be trickier if you had to manage a burger joint in outer space, where you have an even bigger variety of customers who demand even more exotic foods. So how handle do you handle such a problem? Well, in the case of Liquid Pug’s upcoming game Godlike Burger, the answer is simple: If you need exotic meats, why not find a way to harvest them from exotic customers?

Yes, Godlike Burger sees you running an intergalactic restaurant where the secret ingredient that makes your burger so delicious is the various alien meat harvested from your customers that goes into them. Set traps for them (or just take them out with your trusty meat cleaver), gather their meat, serve them up, try to avoid drawing suspicion, then bolt for a new location if things go south, making sure to keep notes on what tastes certain species have each time. It seems like a nice game with a good dose of dark humor, so here’s hoping Godlike Burger can serve up something good when it comes out for the PC courtesy of Daedalic Entertainment on April 21.

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