GOG Adds Simulator Games to Its Catalog

GOG has added a slew of new games to its lineup in the form of the ever-popular Simulator series. While there have been a ton of games in the mainline Simulator series, and countless knockoffs out there, the GOG lineup is more streamlined. PC Building Simulator is available to help teach people how to build a computer, and there will be special GOG-branded in-game wallpaper in the GOG version of the game. For a more serene game, try out Ultimate Fishing Simulator, which has a 40% off discount. Finally, Plane Mechanic Simulator is 20% off too – offering up a chance to work on a ton of different planes. The discounted pricing is good until May 31 – so hop on the deals while they’re still active.

  • PC Building Simulator – $13.99
  • Ultimate Fishing Simulator – $10.99
  • Plane Mechanic Simulator – $9.59