GOG Summer Sale Includes Demos of Upcoming Releases

GOG’s summer sale has gone live and beyond bringing with it a ton of savings, it also has seven demos available. GOG doesn’t do a lot of demos, but you can now try out Desperados III, System Shock, Destroy All Human, Cris Tales, Vagrus, Sprititfarer, and Carrion. These demos give you a taste of strategy, open-world action, and a stunning RPG in the form of Cris Tales. The summer sale offers up over 3,000 deals – so there should definitely be something to enjoy. As per the norm with GOG’s seasonal sales, things are split up into large game sales and also genre-centric ones.

The RPG sale features a wide array of entries and sub-genres to enjoy at a lower price point. You can get deals like DROD 1,2, and 3 for $4.99 or Greedfall for $29.99. One great console-centric deal is Grandia II Anniversary Edition for $9.99. Those wanting a bit more action can get The Surge for $4.99 and The Surge 2 for $19.99. The Elder Scrolls series also has great deals, with Morrowind only at $4.49 and Oblivion at $5.99. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas can also be yours for $5.99 apiece.

For a more modern FPS experience, you can get PREY’s deluxe edition for $11.99 or the standard edition for $8.99. Disco Elysium is also only $29.99 and there’s a Pick 3 bundle you can create from Devolver Digital where you can get either individual games on a big sale or save a bit more getting three or more. Metro Exodus Gold Edition has a top-shelf deal, taking it down 55% to $29.24. GOG gives you DRM-free copies of games, so you don’t have to worry about DRM cluttering things up or making it take longer than it should to launch games. If you want things like Steam’s screenshots and the like, you can still just launch the EXE from Steam, or use GOG’s own Galaxy launcher for things like that.