Going Under Now Going To Consoles As Well

When developers Aggro Crab and publisher Team 17 announced Going Under last year, they said it would be arriving for “PC and consoles” in 2020. And today, we get to learn exactly just what consoles they were referring to: All of them! Going Under will now be coming to the Switch, PS4, and XB1, in addition to the aforementioned PC. In addition, the game now has a new release window of Q3 2020, as well as a new trailer to accompany this announcement, which you can check out below.

The latest clip once again heavily focuses on the action, showcasing the skills and off-the-wall weapons that our heroine Jackie Fiasco can possess. As an intern for a tech giant’s new drink brand, Jackie’s job requires her to perform certain odd tasks. Like say, having to hack and slash their way through the procedurally generated dungeons made up of other failed tech startups, which are filled with former employees that have now turned into monsters. This includes Hover Hands, a new boss glimpsed in the trailer. We’ve highlighted Going Under as a unique and colorful action-packed satire this past month, and now we’re glad we can check it out via as many platforms as possible.