Going Under Rises Up in September

Aggro Crab’s upcoming dungeon crawler Going Under made quite the impact on us earlier this year, back in the before times. The colorful, addictive gameplay and satire-ripe premise about an unpaid intern having to venture through the ruins of failed tech startups and battle the newly-monstrous ex-employees within is something that definitely appeals to a lot of us, possibly because it winded up being a much better dystopia than what we really got. Thankfully, we don’t have long to go before we can go back into this insane world again, as a September release date has now been announced for the game.

The release date was revealed in a new trailer, where our main character Jackie Fiasco is getting the details on her job for her new Alexa-style personal assistant. She may be a mere marketing intern for a soft drink brand known as Fizzle, but it turns out her duties require her to clear out the messes left behind by the companies before them. As such, she’s going to need to get her hands on anything and everything that can be used as a weapon in order to survive, combined with new skills she can get from the cafĂ© and new abilities earned from helping out fellow employees. And we’ll see just how good of a job she does when Going Under comes out on September 24 for all current major platforms.

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