Golf Purgatory Draws Closer with Cursed to Golf Release Date Trailer

Death is supposed to be the end of all things for the person experiencing it but sometimes that just doesn’t work out.  An almost-championship golfer was just about to become an actual-championship golfer when they’re struck down before taking the final victorious shot, which means it’s golf purgatory for them.  That’s the kind of unfinished business that’s going to leave a mark on the soul, after all, but as it turns out golf purgatory plays by its own rules.  Escape is possible but the golfer will need to complete a round of 18 2D side-view pixel-art holes, packed with hazards and constantly fighting a tight stroke limit to get the ball to sink the ball.

Cursed to Golf is a combination golf and brutal platformer, where you’ll need to be a good judge of shot trajectory while using every possible advantage to survive the course.  Each hole has the usual hazards like deep grass, sand traps, and small ponds, but there are also wind machines, spike pits, TNT crates, and any number of other design elements that even the meanest mini-golf course might find a bit much.  The Cursed to Golf demo is still a good time, and now the full game is just about ready to release in a little over a month.  The new trailer dropped today giving an August 18 release date, so it won’t be much longer before the ghostly golfer starts trying and re-trying to swing their way out of purgatory and back into the spotlight of the championship.