Golf Story, Galf, and Another World From Limited Run Games on Friday

Golf may be a good walk spoiled but it’s also a good RPG made great.  Golf Story came out on Switch last year, a fusion of the title sport and adventure/RPG that quickly rocketed to the top of the most-requested games to migrate from digital to physical.  This week sees that wish completed with Limited Run Games’ release, but there’s an extra coming out that’s also worth a look.  Golf Story had a mini-game called Galf, which was an NES-style throwback, and as part of the release it’s been re-coded from the ground up for an actual NES and made available on cartridge.  What started as an in-game tribute is now going to be a real thing, albeit in tiny numbers.  Galf comes in standard green, 1,050 copies, and golf-ball white, 450 copies.  For those without the classic hardware kicking around Galf is still part of the main game, and Golf Story will be available for pre-order in unlimited numbers until October 12.  There’s also a less-unlimited Winner’s Edition, complete with a trophy, Wellworn Grove ball and tee set, plus other goodies, clocking in at 4,000 copies.  It’s worth noting however that initially only 3,000 will be up for pre-order, with the remaining 1,000 being made available through Fangamer in January.

The other game for the week is Another World, better known as Out of This World in the US.  This is a remastered version of the Amiga classic, redrawn in HD while staying true to the original’s art style.  The game comes in both PS4 (2,000 copies) and Vita (1,500 copies) versions, with a big-box Classic Edition available for each console as well, 1,000 Vita and 1,500 PS4.  These are tiny little numbers for a game with a large fan-base, so it might possibly be worth setting an alarm for its release window.  While the supply on small-press gaming has eased up lately there are still the occasional instant sell-0uts, and Another World feels like it could easily be one.