Gone Viral Now Available in Early Access

Have you ever thought to yourself “Boy, I sure do love roguelike action games such as The Binding of Isaac, but I wish they were mixed in with the liked of Smash TV or The Running Man?” Well, that’s a odd yet fun-sounding thought, and that’s also where Gone Viral comes into play. Coming from Akupara Games and developers Skullbot Games, the game has impressed us with the demos that we’ve seen so far, as our own James Cunningham has discussed before, and now the game has officially entered Early Access, meaning it hopefully gets to impress even more people.

Described as “a hack n’ slash physics-based roguelite,” Gone Viral takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that has you participating in a gladiatorial bloodsport, mowing down whatever enemies you come across. The key to success, though, is where the game’s title comes into play. By executing skillful combos and creative deaths that utilize the environments, you gain more likes and followers, who will provide you with in-game drops as well as unlocks between runs. As seen below in the new trailer, things can get rather intense quickly, and if you like your action that way, you may want to consider picking up Gone Viral on Steam to check out how it handles so far in its early stage.