Goodbye Volcano High Receives New Teaser Trailer, Summer Release Window

It’s been quite a while since we got to see more from the students of Goodbye Volcano High, the new cinematic adventure game from developers KO_OP that was first unveiled over two years ago as part of the PlayStation 5’s reveal event. This is likely due to some of the challenges the developers have faced since then, including COVID-related issues and the ambitious scope of the project, which apparently involved a narrative reboot. However, it has now resurfaced with a new release window of next Summer alongside a new teaser trailer, which you can check out below.

The latest clip showed off some gameplay this time around, giving us a peek into area like branching dialogue and rhythm games, the latter courtesy of our main character Fang, an anthropomorphic pterosaur and budding musician. We even get to see one the songs from their band Worm Drama, “Don’t Call.” As Fang and their classmates prepare for the end of senior year, they’ll have to deal with having to stay strong and live life to their fullest in a world that’s about to quite literally explode. Goodbye Volcano High is due out in Summer 2023 for PC and PlayStation platforms, and if nothing else, looks to be quite the unique take on high school drama.