Google Nexus Player Now Available For Pre-Order

Two days ago, the Nexus Player was announced, but no firm release date went alongside it. Today, the device was made available for pre-order for $100 and it should be in the hands of buyers in the next month. In a fairly odd move, the Nexus Player doesn’t have a set release date, just a vague “leaves warehouse in 3-4 weeks” notice. This means that the earliest you would get the device is the week after Halloween, which is definitely a bit of a bummer. Amazon announced the Fire TV and then immediately put it on sale to strike while the iron was hot. Google waited two days to make them available for pre-order, and then you have to wait nearly a month to get it. Perhaps that time will give them the ability to add more media streaming apps to it, because the present selection is a bit lean and for a device with no presently-available external storage, that’s a problem.