Gran Turismo Sport Possibly Getting Classic Circuit

One of the many complaints that Gran Turismo Sport had at launch (despite it being a really good racing game) were the lack of tracks. In particular, the game lacked any type of original GT circuits. Polyphony Digital was looking for a rebirth of the franchise with Sport, and the fictional tracks in the game are actually amazing. However, people love nostalgia. Recently in an interview with GTPlanet, the man that runs the show, Kazunori Yamauchi, has confirmed that the Deep Forest Circuit from the original game will make an appearance. However, there is a hold up. “We are already working on Deep Forest; we actually have the data for Deep Forest that runs on Gran Turismo Sport but it does have some problems,” stated Yamauchi. “The problem that we had with some of the older tracks from previous Gran Turismo games was the scale being off in certain places. The size of the trees are very large, or the width of the curbstones, etc. There were curbstones that were wider than cars! If we want to bring that into the quality of GT Sport now, there is a lot that we have to redesign, and it is not that easy.” The most important thing to note is that any new tracks or cars that come to Gran Turismo Sport will most likely be free.