Great Permutator Slides Onto Steam

Puzzle fans rarely have trouble finding a new game to play. The issues come in when so many titles simply riff off existing properties. Great Permutator is a mostly different concept players must create tons of conveyor belts to move boxes from one end of the factory to another.

On each of the 50 main levels you get to engineer your own conveyor belt layout to make sure each colored box is properly sorted. Although it sounds simple, the factory will quickly grow more hectic. A variety of action blocks should help keep control of the factory. For example, one action block acts like a portal to transport the right colored blocks where they are needed. Another bonus for puzzle fans is a built in puzzle editor which allows for online sharing.

Great Permutator has launched with a 20% discount on Steam. From now until September 22 it can be purchased for $5.59. If for some reason you abhor Steam it’s also available on Desura at full price – $6.99.