GRID Autosport Coming to Switch in the Summer of 2019

GRID Autosport first hit the scene in late 2014 and wound up being one of the better racing games of the past decade. With its blend of realism and arcade-centric fun, it found a happy middle ground and looked gorgeous in the process. One great thing about racing games is that you can craft an impressive-looking experience without massively taxing the hardware, and the genre has really struggled to find its proper footing on Switch. While games like Gear Club Unlimited have tried, they’ve also fallen a bit short. GRID Autosport is a fantastic showcase for just what kind of game we now have playable in the palms of our hands, and with Feral Interactive at the helm, it should work out nicely.

Feral handles a lot of Linux ports for PC-based games, and their experience bringing games to a different set of hardware should work out nicely here. GRID Autosport is set for release on Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2019. On day one, it should already be the best simulation-esque racer on the platform and it will be interesting to see how the devs work around the lack of analog trigger buttons for a game that was crafted around them.