Grounded Exits Game Preview in September, Full Story Arrives With It

For the past two years, Obsidian’s miniature survival game Grounded has been in Game Preview/Early Access, where it has amassed quite the hefty player base over that time, with a lot of players getting sucked into the game’s backyard world while trying to survive as a shrunken child. The time has finally come, though, and at today’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, it was finally revealed that Grounded would be exiting Game Preview soon, receiving a full release quite soon and allowing players to finally experience the full story.

The new trailer accompanying this announcement focuses on a variety of various bits, from crafting armor to fighting bugs to building massive shelters to fighting killer robots in secret bases. All of this is accompanied by narration from your little helper bot friend, who’s always ready to gleefully tell you of the many ways your tiny teenagers can die. Grounded’s full version arrives this September for Xbox platforms and PC, and we’ll keep you posted on a more specific release date.