Guardian Bundle 6 Hits Fanatical

A new Guardian bundle has hit Fanatical and offers up some nice multi-tiered savings. The first tier costs $1 and gets you Super Fancy Pants Adventure and Nation Red. Paying a bit more at $3.99 adds Glyph, Jetboard Joust, Monsters’ Den Godfall, Versus,, Copy Kitty, and Tangledeep. Finally, paying $6.49 gets you all of those plus Unrailed!

This is a fairly diverse bundle with Tangledeep, Jetboard Joust, and Glyph being shining stars in it. Tangledeep is a well-received adventure game, while Jetboard Joust is a fast-paced action title akin to something we would have seen in the early ’80s arcades – only a lot prettier. Glyph is also on Switch, where I first played it, and is a great mix of tough platformer and ball-roller blended together. It’s challenging, but rewarding to make progress in.

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