Guerrilla Collective Unveils Launch Trailers for New Releases

Guerrilla Collective recently announced a handful of new games – but the pot has been sweetened with new trailers showcasing the exciting action contained within them. Colt Canyon is a sepia tone-stylized top-down shooter with detailed pixel art. Your gunslingers look simplistic, but the world you’re in is heavily-detailed and the weapons use detailed animation. There’s no shortage of top-down shooters on the market, which makes crafting something that stands out – and looks well-crafted on top of that, even more impressive. Colt Canyon will be released on June 16 on the Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One.

Outbuddies DX brings about a Metroidvania-style with a sci-fi setting and mixes things up with a faster pace than the norm for that sub-genre. With many focusing on exploration, you don’t have many that focus on the action. This one does and uses a dark setting to instill the fear that is usually lacking around every corner in many Metroidvanias. You also get a robot sidekick here and tons of guns to use – so if you want a new gun-filled side-scroller game, give it a go. Outbuddies DX is out now for the Switch and Xbox One for $17.99.

Finally, there’s Rigid Force Redux – a side-scrolling shooter. It uses a unique art style with 3D models instead of pixel art and has more detailed effects than the norm for the genre. It also features a synthwave soundtrack to really drive home the action. Beyond a regular game to play through, you also get a tougher arcade mode and a boss rush – plus, there are in-game achievements to keep you on your toes. Rigid Force Deluxe is available now for $17.99 on the Switch and Xbox One. Each of the games offered up here looks to do enough new to keep well-worn genres feeling fresh and that’s impressive to see.