Gun-Sim FPS Receiver 2 Announced with Reveal Trailer

As a rule guns in games might as well be magic wands, where you simply tap a button to apply force at a distance.  Sometimes environmental effects come into account, such as wind and gravity, but for the most part it’s point, shoot, and let the game worry about the mechanical operations of what’s actually a surprisingly complicated piece of machinery.  Receiver was a game-jam experiment that took guns the other way, taking the player through a slow-paced exploration of a series of buildings with enemies showing up in ones and twos, and the trick being not so much shooting them as operating the gun in an efficient manner.  How many bullets do you have?  Pop out the magazine and take a look, or open up the revolver’s cylinder.  Reloading is a multi-step process, absolutely necessary after each encounter, and death comes with a single hit.  Receiver got upgraded from game-jam entry to full game, but it was still a fairly basic run through a series of flat-shaded random environments.  Receiver 2 was announced today, and while it’s keeping much of the level structure intact everything else is getting a thorough upgrade.

Receiver 2 is not aiming to be gun porn.  Porn is basically a different kind of superheroic fantasy, while Receiver 2 plans to accurately model every part of its guns with as many realistic consequences as possible.  That means multi-button complicated controls to do sequences such as eject and reload, clear jams, handle the safety, or deal with any number of things that may need attending to in order to keep your firearm working properly.  There’s also a bizarre story kicking around beneath the shooting about being Awakened after some kind of Mindkill, which is odd because everyone knows Fear is the Mindkiller.  Either way, there’s a new way to play with guns coming in Receiver 2, and it treats them as items to be respected and learned to use properly rather than magical force application devices.  The trailer focuses more on the weirdness than the guns, but give it a look below anyway.