Gunbrella Gets a New Gameplay Showcase For Day of the Devs

The recent Day of the Devs showcase was an opportunity for a lot of promising indie games to show off more of their gameplay, including what might be some of next year’s most anticipated indie titles. Among those was Doinksoft’s upcoming “noir-punk” metroidvania game Gunbrella, which we saw as having a lot of promise when we previewed it last month. But if you need a quick look as to why it impressed us quite a bit, then the quick gameplay showcase from the event (which you can check out below) should definitely do the trick.

Again, the star here is the titular weapon, which serves as a gun, a shield, and a means of traversal as players jet around areas like a hard-boiled Mary Poppins. We also get peeks at different areas, different enemies, massive bosses to take down, and most importantly when it comes to gameplay, benches to sit down on. One moment that stood out alongside all the fast-paced action, though, were some quick moments presented in black and white. Could we be looking at some special moments of the game that lean even more into the game’s noir aspects? We’ll see when the game comes out next year for PC and Switch, with a demo available on Steam right now.