Gunlord X Blasts onto PS4 December 10

NGDEV is primed and ready to bring their hit 2D action-platformer, Gunlord X, to the PlayStation 4. This is more or less the same version that launched for Nintendo Switch back in May, albeit with some PS4-specific optimizations. All the added content is here: four new bosses, a “power-shot” weapon, new game plus, a brand new stage, customizable controls, lots of display settings and more.

Gunlord X offers players a mix of exploration and shoot-em-up gameplay, and plays out across eleven stages filled with secrets, bosses and enemies. All of it runs at 60fps and looks quite striking thanks to its hand-drawn pixel-art aesthetic. Gunlord X will be selling for $9.99 on the PlayStation Store, so it’s probably worth checking out for those interested in arcade-style games.