H1Z1 Gets Slammed for “Pay-to-Win” Airdrops

Earlier today, free-to-play zombie MMO H1Z1 launched on Steam to rampant numbers, but a huge blemish on the game’s early access debut has left many users upset.

The use of microtransactions has been confirmed for the game, but it’s the lack of balance of the microtransactions that’s left a sour taste for gamers.

Various users have reported that players livestreaming the game have been able to airdrop support packages on the spot, with weapons, first aid kits and ammunition, along with various other high-quality items.

This contradicts early claims by developers that the game would not be “pay-to-win”, so microtransactions would not provide significant gameplay advantages to players.

Developer John Smedley defended the airdrop mechanics in a lengthy Reddit post, claiming that there are drawbacks in using paid airdrops, such as generating zombie heat. However, airdrops are randomized, meaning that anyone can spend money and get either a superb or worthless support package (or even nothing at all). Considering these are paid airdrops, this definitely rose some fires.

Smedley also spoke out on the community’s response:

If you think it’s P2W don’t buy it. Don’t play it. But I have to say wait until you’ve personally tried them before making the call.

The community is still upset at how H1Z1‘s pay structure is functioning, but Smedley promises that the game is currently still being tweaked and “big changes” are coming in the next couple days. We’ll have to see if the “pay-to-win” skin is able to be shed after some work.