Hades Leaves Early Access, Arrives on Switch

Given their resume that features the likes of Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, a new game from Supergiant is always a cause for celebration. And their latest title, an isometric roguelike dungeon crawler called Hades, was indeed released in Early Access almost two years ago to much praise. But Early Access is just a taste, and while an animated launch trailer was shown last month that said it would arrive this Fall – with a Switch version coming as well – we were still waiting for an official release date. Well, surprise! As of today, Hades has now officially left Early Access with the full journey now available, complete with its Switch version.

Should you need a refresher on Hades, though, Supergiant has you covered with a gameplay showcase for Version 1.0, which you can check out below. The repeated attempts to climb out of Hades by the Prince of the Underworld will see you gaining the powers of the Olympians, wielding a large variety of weapons, using alternate fighting styles, your own combos, and more, all in some lightning-fast combat. In between all of that, you can chat with gods and befriend fallen heroes, explore various story threads, or even just renovate the hub area. All decorated with amazing hand-painted artwork and a killer soundtrack, per the norm for Supergiant. Hades is now available on PC and Switch, and should – pardon the possible pun – be a hell of a time.