Half-Life Writer Retires From Valve

According to a post on reddit, the man who helped write the story for Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Marc Laidlaw, has retired.

The redditor, TeddyWolf, explains that he sent an email to Laidlaw after hearing about his departure and asked about the fate of the now legendary Half-Life 3. The co-creator replied that he does not know what the future of Half-Life is and that he cannot answer whether or not the game ever existed in any form.

The rest of the email talks about why he’s leaving and what he’ll be doing going forward. He said that he plans to write, but for himself for now and take some time to figure out what he wants to do next. He reiterates that he is leaving on good terms and hopes that his former coworkers will come to him with any problem they think he could help them with. Laidlaw is 56 years old.

TeddyWolf went to great measures to prove that this correspondence was not a fake. He provided three links that presented multiple screen captures from both his desktop and his phone. Check them out here. And here. And here.

So although we’ve learned nothing about the elusive Half-Life 3’s existence, we now know that one of the series’ main writers has left the ranks. Maybe one day, kids.

But what do you think of Half-Life 3? Should they even bother? Is it the one thing that keeps you up at night? Let us know in the comments.