Hand-Drawn Metroidvania Greak: Memories of Azur Unveiled

Not for the first time that a game originally spotted as part of our Screenshot Saturday feature, gets an official announcement with further details to its premise. But that’s exactly what we have once more with developer Navegante’s upcoming, hand-drawn Metroidvania Greak: Memories of Azur. Team17 were the ones to announce publishing duty for this title, which is planned for release sometime next year for PC and consoles.

Greak is described as a single-player, side-scrolling adventure wherein players alternate control of three different characters. As you might expect from any Metroidvania, there’s plenty of environmental puzzle-solving and items to acquire that will aid in one’s progression forth, with combat also playing a pivotal role, as you aim to escape an invasion on the titular land of Azur. Check out the game’s announcement trailer below which makes sure to balance gameplay with Greak’s own emphasis of a hand-drawn art-style.