Handheld Gaming PC AYA Neo Air Plus Announced

While many in the West have only heard of the Steam Deck, the handheld gaming PC market has existed for years now. AYA is not the progenitor of the market but has remained a key player. The company recently announced a variety of new hardware including the AYA Neo Air Plus.

Of everything announced so far, this could be the biggest competitor to the Steam Deck. This is because the device is set to launch for $289 (or $199 in limited quantifies for community members). The device will come with AMD’s new Mendocino processors. This is quite similar tot eh Deck which also features Zen 2 CPU cores and RDNA2.

Similarly, the device will come packed with a M.2 2280 SSD and a microSD card slot for expanding storage. It appears users will be able to run Windows (likely at an increased price), AYA’s own OS or Steam OS on the handheld.