Happy 30th Anniversary, Metroid

Space bounty hunter Samus Aran celebrates her 30th birthday today. The action platforming series began on the original Famicom in Japan on August 6, 1986. The original Metroid was known for surprising players with its female protagonist Samus Aran. When the player beat the game within a certain amount of time Samus’s power suit would come off revealing that a woman was beneath the armor the whole time. Samus remains one of the most popular female characters in the video game industry.

The Metroid series has since spawned six mainline sequels and five spinoffs. The most highly regarded in the series are Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, with the former spawning half of the inspiration of the indie genre term, metroidvania. Metroid Other M is probably the most ill-regarded to date and the upcoming Federation Force was met with lukewarm reception during its E3 2015 unveiling.  Samus has also remained a playable character in every installment of Super Smash Bros and the request of the series villain Ridley to be playable has been long clamored by fans.

Nintendo isn’t celebrating much for the anniversary, but the spinoff Metroid Prime: Federation Force is scheduled to release for the Nintendo 3DS on August 19. Nintendo has yet to announce any plans for a new Metroid for the NX.

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