Hardcore Fantasy RPG Outward Gets a March 2019 Release Date

Realism and difficulty can be difficult factors to mange sometimes when it comes to the development of a game. Sure, a more grounded story and a good challenge can be impressive, but you also need things to be fun. Luckily, as we’ve seen so far, Nine Dots Studio seem to be striking a good balance with their upcoming open-world RPG, Outward. And now, having teamed up with publishers Deep Silver and Maximum Games, their ambitious hardcore fantasy game is set for a release in March of next year. And accompanying this news is a new trailer, which you can naturally check out below.

Titled “The Human Side of Adventuring,” the new clip does indeed showcase how realism will play into things. You aren’t necessarily going to be the chosen one. Weather conditions can affect you and what you wear. Battles will be against single foes, not huge armies. It’s simple design philosophies, but they appear to work suite well here, and the lush world and nifty designs and combat still indeed suggest a highly enjoyable experience. Outward hits PS4, PC, and XB1 on March 26, so fantasy fans should mark their calendars for it.