Hardspace: Shipbreaker Cracks-Open Early Access Today

Hard sci-fi fans now finally have the chance to jump into Hardspace: Shipbreaker and start their lives as salvagers. Those interested in carving-up massive space vessels can now download the game from the Hardspace: Shipbreaker Steam page and get cracking. To commemorate the game’s early access release, Blackbird Interactive put out a new trailer. Check it out below.

For those who haven’t been following Hardspace: Shipbreaker, it’s a physics-based space game wherein players must figure out how best to salvage all the decommissioned or derelict ships they come across. As seen in the above trailer, this is something that’s done from the safety of a computer console. No, this is a hands-on kind of job. Players must cut up these ships using powerful, upgradable gear, and they must do it in a way that preserves both their own life and the integrity of the ships’ most valuable components.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is now available on PC via Steam Early Access, and it is also in development for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.