Hardspace: Shipbreaker Leaves Early Access This May

Ever since Blackbird Interactive released their outer space salvage sim Hardspace: Shipbreaker in June of 2020, thousands of players have jumped at the chance to carve up spaceships in order to gather enough parts to chip away at the massive debts thrust upon them by the LYNX Megacorporation, who generously gave them these jobs in the first place in order to help them escape a ravaged Earth. Unfortunately, as it stands right now, it seems that the journey towards paying off that debt ends in a cliffhanger, as the game is still in Early Access. Fear not, though, as Blackbird and Focus Entertainment have announced that Hardspace will be leaving Early Access next month, allow players to finally live out their salvage dreams in full and see where they lead.

The news of a release date comes with a quick new trailer, which you can check out below. It starts out with LYNX attempting to sound rather majestic, up until an ominous line showcases their true colors, all while showcasing various bits of gameplay. For those who don’t want to deal with LYNX, though, there’s always the Freeplay game mode or the challenges in competitive R.A.C.E. mode, giving you multiple ways to test your zero-g dismantling skills. Hardspace: Shipbreaker comes out on May 24 for Steam and PC Game Pass, and will be playable at PAX East – where it first debuted – from April 21 to April 24.

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