Harley Quinn, Clayface Emerge in New Gotham Knights Trailer

While we’ve had an opportunity to meet most of the playable cast of Gotham Knights through recent trailers, including dedicated ones for Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood, the villainous threats that lie waiting in Gotham have mostly been kept under wraps, outside of Dr. Freeze and the mysterious Court of Owls.

Now, in the fresh trailer below that was shown off at Gamescom Opening Night Live, Warner Bros. Montreal has introduced fans to a couple more villains that will be making an appearance in Gotham Knights. The unpredictable Harley Quinn and shapeshifting Clayface will both have dastardly plans that players will have to stop in order to protect Gotham, and one could presume that other Batman-adjacent villains will be showing up to make life tough for the game’s quartet of heroes.

The trailer also concludes with the exciting announcement that Gotham Knights will be releasing several days earlier than previously expected, with a new launch date of October 21 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.