Harmonix Reveals Gameplay Trailer For Fuser

Back at PAX East 2020, in what now feels like the before times, Harmonix surprised everyone by popping up with their latest rhythm game, Fuser. The lines for it were quite massive, as the DropMix-esque gameplay did indeed make for quite the fun and addictive experience. But for those of you unable to give it a shot back then, a new gameplay trailer gives a peek into the world of Fuser, which you can check out below.

Billed as a “non-stop digital music festival” complete with colorful stages and outrageous figures, Fuser sees you as the DJ, mixing the parts of various hit songs together to create some notable jams and mash-ups. Try to complete challenges, fulfill audience requests, or just try and whip up whatever you feel works best, sharing your mixes online. At launch, the game will feature over a hundred songs to play with, thirty-four of them revealed on the game’s official site. Included tunes so far include “Old Town Road,” “X Gon’ Give It To Ya,” “All Star,” “Rock the Casbah,” and several others.

In addition to all of that content, pre-orders have begun now, which allow players to gain access to three additional DLC songs at launch, and there will be a VIP edition that adds twenty-five of the DLC songs available at launch, along with extra in-game outfits and more. Fuser launches this Fall for all current major platforms, with a publishing assist from NCSOFT.