Have a Nice Death Receives Three-Part Trailer Series

Almost one year after the 2D roguelike action-platformer Have a Nice Death received its first orientation video right before entering Early Access, developers Magic Design Studios are gearing up for the game’s full release next month with a full three-part series of training videos. The first one in this “Life in the Afterlife” series dropped recently, and as always, you can check it out below in order to help prepare for your new job.

The initial clip, titled “Your First Day as CEO” is kind of a setup for the basics of the game in general: The premise with Death having to reclaim his business from the Sorrows, bits of combat, a quick look at scythe upgrades and areas to receive assistance from, and of course, the relentless amount defeats to expect from a game such as this. For those who want something more in-depth, the “Tour of Death Inc.” trailer focusing on the game’s procedually-generated world arrives on February 15, with a “Tools of the Trade” trailer arriving on March 1 to focus on the various weaponry and abilities, and hopefully that should be enough training video to prepare for Have a Nice Death’s full release on March 22 for PC and Switch.