Have an Early Look into Twin Mirror with Lost on Arrival

Dontnod Entertainment’s next big game, Twin Mirror, is due to arrive on December 1, but eager fans can start digging into the game’s universe right now if they want. The studio has released a browser-based tie-in experience called “Lost on Arrival” which tasks players with finding the owner of a lost phone.

After discovering the phone in front of the Coal Miner’s Haven pub, players will be able to root around within it in the hopes of identifying its owner. As they do so, they can can learn more about the town of Basswood and its inhabitants, all of which will come into play in Twin Mirror itself.

Those that finish “Lost on Arrival” will also earn themselves a shot a customized, Twin Mirror PC and twenty pre-order keys for the game on Epic Games Store.  This site won’t be up  indefinitely though; fans only have until November 30 to see what’s going on in “Lost on Arrival” and get their entry in for the contest.