Haven Debuts Its Opening Movie

Well, more than a few of us at Hardcore Gamer are eagerly anticipating Haven, the upcoming RPG from The Game Bakers. The tale of two young lovers – Yu and Kay – drifting across a foreign planets is set to feature some unique combat, an intriguing look into a romantic relationship, and a nice and relaxed atmosphere, as we’ve discussed before. And while many at home have had a taste of Haven a short while back thanks to The Game Festival, we haven’t seen any new developments until today, when the team shared Haven’s opening movie with everyone.

Courtesy of Yapiko Animation and Yukio Takatsu, the opening (which you can see below), is quite simple yet effective. It basically shows our two leads flying around, mimicking the in-game movement, all depicted with surreal watercolor visuals. When combined with a nicely chilled-out soundtrack courtesy of Danger, though, it perfectly illustrates the type of mood to be found throughout the game. Haven is due out for all major platforms later this year, and it’ll hopefully be just as mesmerizing as this.