Haven Sets Up Another Home on PS5

We’ve seen a lot of Haven, the upcoming RPG from The Game Bakers, over the course of Not-E3 so far. Unfortunately, so far it’s only been through various showcases that have revealed very little when it comes to new information, details, or footage. But today, we did learn one significant development when it comes to Haven, and that would be the fact that in addition to all other current major platforms, the game will now be arriving on the PS5 as well.

With this news comes a quick new trailer titled “Glide Free” that you can view below. We do get to see a little more variety in the worlds that our lovers Yu and Kay will explore, a little more of the game’s combat, and even a little card game the two can play as a recreational activity in between everything. We still don’t have a release date for Haven yet, but it’s still due out later in 2020, and now we’ll have one more platform to check it out on.