Hazelight’s It Takes Two Heading to Switch This November

For a game all about co-operation and two players specifically focused on what’s happening on-screen, you’d imagine the Nintendo Switch would be the ideal fit for Hazelight’s most recent venture in co-op play, via It Takes Two. And up until now, the acclaimed two-player adventure/platformer was available pretty much everywhere except on Nintendo’s platform. Today, that’s now changed; a little over a year-and-a-half since its original release last year, It Takes Two will be making its way onto Switch this coming November.

For a game that has already established itself as a major success for Hazelight — going as far as racking up a combined sales of over seven million copies since launch — no doubt the number will only be added to with its introduction to Switch owners. Much like the version of the game on other platforms, It Takes Two includes a free pass for a second player to partake in, requiring only one copy of the game per pair, with both players working together either through local co-op, or via online play. It Takes Two releases for Nintendo Switch on November 4.