HD Remaster of Commandos 2 Coming to Switch Friday

This Friday, December 4, US gamers will see the HD remastered release of strategy classic Commandos 2 for the Nintendo Switch. The game, originally created by Pyro Studios, will feature updated missions, tutorials, and optimization for the Joy-Con and Pro Controllers, with pre-orders available now through the eve of the launch via Nintendo eShop. 

Commandos 2 originally released for Microsoft Windows in 2001, and, then as now, saw players commanding a squad of Allied special forces and other various units during WWII, conducting stealthy sorties that utilize the unique skillsets of each of the commandos to accomplish rescue missions, weapons sabotage, destruction of enemy supply depots and more.  The game was known for being punishingly difficult and not for the faint of heart.

This updated version was developed by Yippee! Entertainment and is published by Kalypso Media Group. The European version will be released later, on December 12.