Head Into the Gloom with Dark Devotion Launch Trailer

Faith is a problematic thing.  It can sustain the user in the worst of times but also blind them to anything that goes against its edicts.  Dark Devotion is a journey into a corrupted temple, where dingy light barely illuminates the lurching horrors that live in its ruined hallways. It’s also a fantastic 2D adventure with heavy, deliberate combat that requires you to read the enemies’ movements and be fully aware of just how much stamina you’ve got to deal with them.  Even the weakest creatures can kill you if you’re not careful, sending you back to the hub town to pick yourself up and try again.  Each enemy has the chance to drop something useful, whether it be a better weapon, health or armor repair, or even just a few twinkly sprites of faith which you can use in the occasional shrine to pray for a variety of blessings.  Every little bit helps with survival, or at the very least holding on just long enough to open up a new shortcut into the depths.  It’s a dark, ugly world under the temple, but if you’ve got faith in nothing but your sword arm then that may still be enough.

Dark Devotion released today on Steam and comes with the standard launch trailer to celebrate the occasion.  Take a look below to get ready for the battle between faith and corruption, or at the very least a game about scavenging whatever you can find to live just a little bit longer than the last journey into the depths.