Heading Out On the Broken Road in Pacific Drive Reveal Trailer

Reality used to be a lot more stable but everything wears down eventually.  The Pacific Northwest is now an exclusion zone that people really should stay far away from, and going on a road trip to its heart is just about the worst idea possible.  That’s the goal in Pacific Drive, though, although not without some serious prep-work first.  From a garage base you’ll need to drive a station wagon on excursions into the zone, putting more wear into a sedate family vehicle than even the most rugged off-roader is prepared to muscle through.  The game is structured as a run-based survival driving game, which isn’t all that defined yet but implies that saving is done back at home base while each randomized joyride into the exclusion zone is its own new adventure, working towards the latest objective while gauging the risks associated with exploration.  The car is your only friend and generally safer than being on foot, but gathering resources or fixing any damage the car takes requires stepping out of the driver’s seat and into a world that isn’t your friend any more.  The Pacific Northwest is weird now and there are things in it that didn’t used to be there before, and reality just isn’t quite so real as it once was.

Pacific Drive was announced today during Sony’s State of Play presentation and will be coming to PS5 and PC some time in 2023.  It’s looking to be a strange one, in all the best ways.